1. Seize the Day

From the recording Seize the Day

Story about getting older written for a good friend of the band Helen Bussing.


                                    The register has a muted ring               
At the Brick Wall - Bar and Grill
Sister Helen tends the faithful
From the rectory - of swill
It appears the cat escaped the bag    
This fourteenth day of June
Now there’s Wall Mart decorations
A black Dollar Store balloon
Hmmm Um Hmmm
Salutation cross the mirror
In florescent - grease pen ink
Neath domestic daily specials
Shadow scripted pretty pink
Well wishes from her comrades
Help to keep the tears at bay
Happy birthday Helen
Helen seize the day
Seize the day
Her diary’s just half written
But she’s put the pen away
Deflection of reflection
Nothing relevant to say
Sometimes I wish some others   
Would bite their lip that way
Hmm Uh Hmmmm
She lives in an apartment
Right above the bar
An arrangement of convenience  
Where she sticks the cookie jar
 Saving nickels, dimes and quarters
She dreams of taking off one day
Seatbelt checks and Perkasets
Helen’s just a flight away
Seize the day
Her life’s - just like her bedroom
A little bit in disarray
The door stays close, so no one knows   
What she keeps hid away
After all don’t all of us  
Have secrets anyway
Yes I’m pretty sure that all of us
Keep secrets anyway
Seize the day
Seize the day
Hmmm Uh Hmmm
Seize the day