The Midwest Home Grown Band is a unique gathering of Michigan troubadours known to insert melodic musical morsels into tasty jam sandwiches full of clever prose about Americana true-isms. They are also known for their migratory trolling of the pubs and clubs throughout the Heartland. Bartering their craft for alcohol, cigarettes, gasoline, and an occasional buck, they are a happy-go-lucky bunch that cares much more about playing their clever tunes to an enthusiastic audience than about monetary remuneration. It should be said however, that they are not opposed to joining in the hunt for the ever illusive “W.P.G.” (Well Paying Gig). With the release of the debut CD called Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hippiness, the M.H.G.B. hope to expand their fan base and hope that you will join in on their musical antics and infinitive journey.

The band lineup is:

Eric Einhorn – Singer/Guitarist

Maijel Chisolm - Singer/Harmonica

Bill Sisk – Singer/Lead Guitarist

Rob Brines - Singer/Drums

Valentin Mirelez – Bass Guitarist

Jodie Coats - Singer/Keyboardist